Unicap Consulting SAP FICO dedicated since 2005
Unicap ConsultingSAP FICO dedicated since 2005
  • Established in 2005, Unicap Consulting is a business consulting company dedicated to SAP Financial expertise.


  • Unicap Consulting is thriving on niche market delivering very specific functionalities to levarage existing SAP implementation.


  • Our competive edge is based on the high level of finance business skills combined with SAP technical expertise of our consultants.


  • Each consultant as an individual is able to capture your requirements facing directely finance business people in order to design and build the solution.



NISSAN Europe SAP implementation:

Tewfik Behraoui FICO Team Lead at  Accenture : "indepth knowledge of finance combined with technical skills makes Roger Vo from Unicap, the perfect candidate to design & implement intercompany flows in a highly complexe SAP distriduted environment . Due to his strong financial & management accounting background, there was very little place for communication gaps", Feb-2015.


SAP to SAP replication :

Pierre Dixon, Project Director at Accenture : " in NISSAN Europe implementation context, cross-systems finance replication delivered by Unicap Consulting appears to be the right choice and the key factor contributing to the project success", Feb-2015.


HFM & Hyperion planning:

Bertrant Errard, Finance Project Manager at Plastic Omnium : "The Global consolidation system designed and implemented by Unicap Consulting has a ripple impact on our organization in terms of trust in financial data", March-2013.


Company merger spin-off:

Michel Lepaulmier CPA & SAP Finance project lead at Plastic Omnium : "Company spin-off are even more complex topics to adress than company merge. As a partner, Unicap Consulting has provided a solution to Inergy Automotive. To minimize the risk exposure, we capitalised on a proven solution already implemented at Darty, a major french electronics retailer", Dec-2014.


IS Retail, Celio implementation:

Nicolas Huaul, Finance Project Manager at Celio : " indepth knowledge of SAP, not only finance but also logistics modules demonstrated by Roger Vo from Unicap Consulting, was a really valuable support to design the solution from a integrated business flow standpoint", Feb-2014.  


IS Apparel & Footwear implementation at Chantelle :

Antoine Ruppli, Accountings & Tax Director at Chantelle SA : "Unicap Consulting contribution to SAP rollout in our plants in Thailand and Vietnam was a key success factor. For example, data migration which is key to any SAP project, was perfectly carried out by our partner.  We still do trust our partner, as a consequence, Unicap is currently supporting us to rollout our solution in western european countries" , Apr-2011.

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